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The law office of Richard M Varchetto has been practicing law in Illinois for OVER thirty years. When you hire the office of Richard M Varchetto you will get a trusted attorney who has experience prosecuting and defending family law cases in Dupage and Cook County. You can trust that your case will get Mr. Varchetto’s individual attention and dedication to finding the fastest resolution to your case.

What is ‘Family Law' and what type of cases/actions can I help you with?

Family law is generally referred to as legal cases, which revolve around matters pertinent to the dissolution of marriage, the custody and guardianship of children, planning and resolving matters of the estate before and after the passing of a loved one.


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If are you planning to file for divorce it is in your best interest to plan in advance.  If divorce has been filed, time is of the utmost importance and you need to schedule an appointment with an expereienced attorney today!



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Are you considering divorce?

Divorce is an unfortunate event that affects the lives of so many people besides the two who are divorcing.  Studies have shown the negative effects significantly increase the longer the divorce process takes. That takes a toll on ones’ physical and emotional health in addition to psychologically damaging any children that who may be involved (read more).


What are reasons why you should choose my office?


I have represented both petitioners for over 30 years. This gives me a very good perspective into understanding what the other party needs and strategies. This ultimately will save time and money.


When you hire me, you will get me and not my legal assistant.  I will be calling you back and I won't nickel and dime you like a legal firm would for petty things like a phone  conversation.


I will file the necessary motions AND subsequent petitions right away (not just the initial petition for dissolution) which will save you time and money and give you the upper hand of control on the divorce.


What is the most important thing to know ?

The most important thing you need to know is IF you have made the difficult decision to get divorced OR your spouse has filed divorce TIME is critical. By filing the petition for dissolution of marriage first this gives you a huge advantage and control in the entire divorce proceedings. If your spouse has filed the initial petition for dissolution of marriage however, you need to answer that petition and it will take time for any attorney to get up to speed on your case. (Your spouse already put a lot of time and money securing their own attorney who is now up to speed).